Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Twenty Years

Yesterday was the twentieth anniversary of my first date with Greg. Since Tuesday is my 8:30am - 10:00pm workday, we instead spent the whole weekend mellowly celebrating, watching Justice League and sharing a wonderful meal at Urban Solace. Neither of us feel old enough to have been together for twenty years, having our first date when we were undergrads. That bodes well for many more fun years together!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I had a dream last night featuring the Cassini spacecraft. (I know, I know...) In my dream, Cassini was making a very close flyby of the moon Enceladus. In particular, the spacecraft was sending back closeup video footage of the stripes featured in this image:

The spacecraft was so close that we could see through those stripes as if they were clear panes of ice. And behind those icy windows, we could see glorious swimming creatures, similar to large glowing golden jellies. Everyone was so excited - life outside of Earth! So beautiful! So graceful! I got on the phone to tell my mother. I was trying to explain to her what it was that I had seen. I was tearfully saying, "We're not alone! We're not alone!", when reality started filtering into the dream. Cassini has not done any such flyby. Its next flyby is of Rhea. It doesn't send back streaming video footage... this was all a dream. The sadness of that realization has been with me all day.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Game Day

Three hours til game time, and I'm not sure which team I'll root for. Let's examine the storylines:

The Saints have a great narrative - rising from the ashes of Katrina, a team that did not abandon its city like so many thought. The Saints also have Scott Fujita, who has been using his press-time this week to promote marriage equality. The Saints are the heartwarming feel-good movie with overly sappy music in the trailer. No way a person can feel bad about cheering on the Saints.

The Colts don't have a compelling narrative. When Dungy quit as their coach, the emotional aspect of the team was dampened... until the quake in Haiti, and Colts receiver Pierre Garcon playing brilliantly in the AFC title game to honor his country. The Colts also have Peyton Manning, who has elevated his game even higher this year. Really, if he's still in the game in the fourth quarter, the Colts have a chance, no matter how many points they may fall behind. And I admire that level of skill and competence. If the Colts are a movie, the trailer would have Terminator music with a Manning slowwalk.

Hmm... Still undecided. At least it should be a good game! On the other hand, the snacks were picked well in advance. ;) Happy Super Bowl Sunday!