Thursday, December 23, 2010


Turning 40 years old isn't so bad. My wonderful Greg took me to see TRON: Legacy in IMAX 3D. Then he took me to Mysterious Galaxy, where I pointed at books and he purchased them for me. I also received some Star Wars bakeware from family members and the Jedi bathrobe! Basically, I spent my 40th birthday enjoying geeky things and feeling loved by friends and family, and it was great! I know that 40 is a milestone year, and I'm looking forward to the decade ahead. Thanks for your well-wishes and your friendship!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Semester in Review

  • Read that a former student died in freak accident.
  • Coped with student reactions to fellow college student being murdered by her estranged husband in the room next to my office.
  • Offered new astronomy lab course.
  • Sweltered while college A/C was out during the hottest week of the year.
  • Shivered while college heating system was out during coldest week of the year.
  • Facilitated design process for new science building.
  • Learned from students that Al Gore invented global warming to make money off of green technology.
  • Fielded waaaaaay too many questions about 2012.
  • Exploded many brains while teaching cosmology.
  • Informed that I will be recommended for tenure effective in the Fall.
  • Described as "absolutely adorable" on Rate My Professor

Monday, December 06, 2010

Colors and shadows

Views from tonight's beach walk: