Sunday, May 22, 2011


The academic year is over, and I am glad. The students were the usual mix of awesome and exasperating, but overall a good bunch. This was an exhausting year for other reasons; the budget crisis dominated most of our days. In fact, almost all summer classes were canceled. No equipment can be ordered. Not all adjunct faculty can be given their positions. We're told to anticipate more cuts in the fall. There haven't been any layoffs or furloughs, but faculty and staff who leave are not being replaced. Everyone - faculty, staff, student - is under more stress. The school year ended on a high note, a lovely commencement ceremony in Balboa Park. Most of my end-of-semester paperwork is done, with just a few days of office time still required of me this week. My muscles are starting to relax and it's easier to breathe, now that my summer (unpaid) vacation is beginning.

So now that the academic year is over, and some of the stress has been relieved, I hope to more regularly populate this space with the requisite beach and space and dog pics again. Hope you're all well!

From Dozer