Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


  • I have lived in San Diego for two weeks now and have spent part of every day near the water.
  • Classes don't start for another week and a half, but I have officially started the new job. The people are all very nice.
  • I can hear the fireworks at SeaWorld every night. We watched them once.
  • Upon leaving work yesterday, I realized that I had never driven home from the new workplace before. Still managed to find my way home.
  • Hot cocoa has medicinal properties, truly.
  • I miss how unabashedly spicy the food was at our favorite Phoenix restaurants.
  • I have not found It's-Its in San Diego, but I'm heading to L.A. this weekend. Hear me, Kirsten? A quest?
  • I think our apartment looks cleaner with all our belongings still in boxes. Perhaps this should be our new strategy.
  • My entire wardrobe consists of jeans, linen skirts, and t-shirts. I might need to upgrade for the new locale.
  • I should probably wipe the sand off my feet before I go to bed, eh?

Friday, August 10, 2007

Keeping me honest

Today marks my three-year anniversary of being on Weight Watchers. Unfortunately, this year being a Weight Watcher meant watching my weight go up - all my fault, not the program's. I have all sorts of excuses: traveling a lot, stress related to moving and looking for a job, eating out whilst the movers had our stuff, etc... The reality is I just haven't been as healthy as I should. But instead of berating myself too much, I'll just vow to get back on track and celebrate the weight I've managed to keep off.

August 2004

August 2007

From San Diego - A...

Click on the above image for some pix of our new locale! To a good year ahead!

Thursday, August 09, 2007


We have stuff! The movers finally came today, and I just spent the last hour or so unpacking clothes and linens and such. I've sat on our couch. I've made the bed. Yay for stuff! Although the last week and a half demonstrated that we can do without a lot of our stuff. Of course, we had the internet. I'm sooooooo glad that we had the cable company set up our box even though we didn't have the TV, because we would have gone crazy without the internets. It's good that the movers came today, though, because last night I found myself watching Snape fanvids on YouTube for entertainment.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Dinner Relaxation

I cooked dinner. Armed with one stockpot and our new microwave and toaster oven and parsley from our wee herb garden, I made us a meal. Our first home-cooked meal in a very long time. We, um, ate a lot tonight. And there are leftovers!

Still no delivery of our stuff from the movers. Although highly aggravating, this has also allowed us to spend more time relaxing and getting to know some of the different areas in San Diego. I mean, sure, I could have been unpacking today, but then would I have taken two walks along the beach? Had breakfast at a funky cafe? Explored a new coffee house? Hmm? So, in silver lining mode, I will enjoy the free time before life gets busy with unpacking and starting the new job. Hope they don't mind me looking casual, because all I have are jeans with me now!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Pizza, Beach, Donuts

Tonight featured pizza and a sunset stroll in Solana Beach, a very pleasant way to spend the evening. On the way back, we spotted a donut shop and stopped by to pick up dessert. There was a little boy there, speaking for his mother, and he wanted a dozen donuts. But he only had five dollars - that was enough for half a dozen, but the whole dozen was seven dollars. He looked forlorn and told us we could make our selections ahead of him. He was so sweet and polite and was obviously trying to determine his best options, so we offered him two dollars on our way out so he could buy the dozen. At first he refused, but I told him that I also really like donuts, so he thanked us. On the way out the door, I looked back and the shopkeeper was smiling at us while filling up a box with a dozen donuts. I hope the boy and his family enjoyed them.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


I'm slowly getting used to the idea that I don't live in Arizona anymore. We'd lived there so long and spent so much time away the past few months that I still kinda feel like I'm "out of town" for a little while. But it's sinking in.

Today we found a nifty coffee house in Point Loma. We also went to the new Trader Joes in Point Loma, which is lovely and BIG! We also ate fish tacos for lunch, went for a stroll on the beach, and put away some of the belongings that we brought with us. (Still waiting for the darned movers.) The day closed eating yummy Vietnamese food with Greg's Cousin Ellen (hi!) and her husband. All-in-all, a pleasant day here in the new home town.