Thursday, August 09, 2007


We have stuff! The movers finally came today, and I just spent the last hour or so unpacking clothes and linens and such. I've sat on our couch. I've made the bed. Yay for stuff! Although the last week and a half demonstrated that we can do without a lot of our stuff. Of course, we had the internet. I'm sooooooo glad that we had the cable company set up our box even though we didn't have the TV, because we would have gone crazy without the internets. It's good that the movers came today, though, because last night I found myself watching Snape fanvids on YouTube for entertainment.


David Moles said...

I'm suspicious. Are you sure it's your stuff? Like, the movers didn't just break into somebody else's storage unit and fill a truck up with their stuff and pretend it's yours? 'Cause that sounds like the logical next step.

Rachel said...

yay for stuff!
yay for finding you can be happy (at least temporarily) without Stuff!

Dr. Lisa said...

David - if the movers did that, they found someone who had all the same Nine Inch Nails T-shirts I did. ;)

Rachel - it was nice, in its own way, to be unfettered. I'm more comfortable sitting on the floor most of the time anyways.

SarahP said...

At last!

I hope you two can get all settled before school starts.

Dr. Lisa said...

Having the stuff in boxes makes it look cleaner than our apartment usually does!