Tuesday, August 14, 2007


  • I have lived in San Diego for two weeks now and have spent part of every day near the water.
  • Classes don't start for another week and a half, but I have officially started the new job. The people are all very nice.
  • I can hear the fireworks at SeaWorld every night. We watched them once.
  • Upon leaving work yesterday, I realized that I had never driven home from the new workplace before. Still managed to find my way home.
  • Hot cocoa has medicinal properties, truly.
  • I miss how unabashedly spicy the food was at our favorite Phoenix restaurants.
  • I have not found It's-Its in San Diego, but I'm heading to L.A. this weekend. Hear me, Kirsten? A quest?
  • I think our apartment looks cleaner with all our belongings still in boxes. Perhaps this should be our new strategy.
  • My entire wardrobe consists of jeans, linen skirts, and t-shirts. I might need to upgrade for the new locale.
  • I should probably wipe the sand off my feet before I go to bed, eh?


Kirsten said...

Around the corner, my dear. Two minute drive, ten minute walk.

Dr. Lisa said...

I'll be there Friday afternoon. ;)

Pat. said...

I dream of sand.
Instead I get siroccos out of Lantaster and Palmdale.
Ever smelled hot air from Palmdale?

Dr. Lisa said...

I don't know that I have ever smelled hot air from Palmdale. Not as pleasant as the name Palmdale would imply, eh?