Sunday, December 19, 2010

Semester in Review

  • Read that a former student died in freak accident.
  • Coped with student reactions to fellow college student being murdered by her estranged husband in the room next to my office.
  • Offered new astronomy lab course.
  • Sweltered while college A/C was out during the hottest week of the year.
  • Shivered while college heating system was out during coldest week of the year.
  • Facilitated design process for new science building.
  • Learned from students that Al Gore invented global warming to make money off of green technology.
  • Fielded waaaaaay too many questions about 2012.
  • Exploded many brains while teaching cosmology.
  • Informed that I will be recommended for tenure effective in the Fall.
  • Described as "absolutely adorable" on Rate My Professor


AaronJV said...

You are awesome.


Anonymous said...


Now you can swear at the little fucks.

Dr. Lisa said...

No swearing... just under my breath. It's a great reason to NOT wear a microphone while lecturing. ;)

Rachel said...

Wow. That's quite a semester. Congrats on ending on a couple of high notes!

Dr. Lisa said...