Tuesday, January 31, 2006


David stopped by for a few days on his epic cross-country roadtrip. (Jealous.) I think it's exciting that David is moving to Switzerland. Sounds so romantic and adventurous. (Jealous.) Best of luck to David! And wish him well getting over his evil sickness! (Not so jealous.)

I have not done any significant grading yet this semester. I am so screwed.

If Arcosanti weren't so cultish, I could totally see myself wanting to retire there. But, no.

It occurs to me that I should ask the chemistry lab tech if he's washed his hands before I accept the piece of chocolate, but for 73.5% cocoa content, it's so worth the risk.

We all know the dream is better than the reality, but do you ever wonder if you might just be wrong about that?

The green laser pointer I purchased for the astronomy labs kicks ass. I'm gonna get in trouble with that thing. :)

I think I shall eat a peanut cluster now.


Kirsten said...

Laser pointer = cat toy.


Carl said...

This laster pointer = blaster!

Dr. Lisa said...

Yeah, this is the closest to a lightsaber I'll ever play with. I'll have to buy one for myself! Estimated range - 5000 ft! Woo!

Charly said...


Trouble [noun]

Astronomy geek + laser pointer

Dr. Lisa said...

You know you want to play! I bet I'll be seeing you in lab some night, huh? :)