Sunday, February 05, 2006


There are many times when I quell my baser instincts. I don't say the mean thing that pops to mind or perform the inappropriate action that would be immediately gratifying. Nope, I bite my tongue and try to do the right thing because I do believe the vast majority of people deserve no less.

So imagine how I felt this morning coming out to the car after breakfast to find two big shoeprints on the passenger side, one accompanied by a big deep dent in the door.

People are poopy.



Carl said...

What a jerk!!

Kirsten said...

Poopy doesn't even cover it.

However, a curse upon the perpetrator so that "poopy," while technically accurate, doesn't even begin to address the enormity of the problem.

Dr. Lisa said...

Thanks for the sympathy. Much appreciated.

Judy said...

Aargh!! Stupid heads!!!

Jon Hansen said...

About the best we can hope for is that the person who did this is so deeply troubled that life itself is a constant misery.

Actually, that seems pretty likely. Sorry 'bout your car. Base villains!

Greg van Eekhout said...

My idea was to strap them down, face-up, and drop bowling balls on their heads. Talk about dents!

Dr. Lisa said...

I must admit, Greg's bloodlust made the incident more amusing than it otherwise would have been. Thanks, dude.

And thanks for all the sympathy! Tomorrow morning, poor little car will be going into the shop. Wish her luck!

SarahP said...

What Jon said. People who do stuff like that make their own lives misery, at some point. Karmic backlash.

Still, argh.

Dr. Lisa said...

Little car is at the body shop now - wish her well!

Thanks for the sympathy, all.