Monday, March 20, 2006


This weekend was full of fun. We drove out to L.A. on Friday night and hung out at a coffee shop and Venice Beach on Saturday morning. It was lovely in L.A., enough to make my love/hate ratio 30/70 instead of the usual 5/95. Then we met up for brunch with Kirsten and Aaron - yummy! We also had a few hours of baby therapy with Tristan and Gwendolyn - it's lovely to see Amy and her twins, I'm just sorry that Brian is so busy we couldn't see him. Then there was the play - we went to L.A. to see Aaron perform and we were not disappointed. (Congrats, dude!) Then we went to see "V for Vendetta" at the Arclight. A great theater - all theaters should have such great sound, assigned seats, large screens, and a restaurant. And yes, that was all on Saturday. Sunday meant lunch with the folks and a quick drive back home, where my car surpassed 40 thousand miles at less than two years of age. Fun - hectic, sleep-depriving fun.

Alas, though, it also brought the end of my Spring Break. Boo!!! I'd rather be having fun.


AaronJV said...

Thank you SO MUCH for coming! The play got better on subsequent performancces.

Also, my English lit major (bullshit) training tried to make some sense out of what we were doing. I had some good ideas, but, comparing my interpretation of what COULD have been happening on stage didn't jibe with what WAS happening on stage.

If that makes sense. AIR HORN!

Dr. Lisa said...

Think of the air horn as punishment for you and K buying Greg a megaphone. :)