Thursday, April 06, 2006

Evil M&Ms

They were calling to me, those peanut M&Ms. I usually don't have them around, but there they were, leftover from the Vegas road-trip. I could not resist. All gone now. I guess I'll call this M&M incident "dinner" and move on.


Kirsten said...

Still at least 1/3 left in the 2-lb bag of Cadbury Mini-Eggs at my co-worker's desk. Why does no one eat them but me?

Dr. Lisa said...

Cadbury Mini-Eggs...I bought a second single serving bag and haven't opened it yet. I'm just happy that they only come out once each year. I am frightened of their effect upon me. If I were at work with ya, they'd all be me.

EvilMnM said...

Lisa, oh Leeeeeeeesa!