Thursday, December 07, 2006


I'm almost 36 years old, yet I still get all excited when my mom sends me chocolate chip cookies. Mmm... thanks, Mom! Of course, I'm mired in grading, so I have a feeling that this batch won't last long. One exam, one cookie, one lab, one cookie... precious, precious cookies.


SarahP said...


And I don't even have grading to do. Must think of another reward system.

Carl said...

After my teaching duties are done I will travel across the country and begin my other job as Cookie Taster. Mmm.

Judy said...

Cookies?!? I have to make some for this weekend, but I've got none now. Enjoy the cookies (in spite of the grading).

Dr. Lisa said...

Sarah - you should reward yourself with cookies because you DON'T have grading. That's worth celebrating!

Carl - bring some of your mom's cookies back with ya, hmm?

Judy - I plan on making cookies soon, too, but not until finals are done. Just one more week!