Sunday, May 06, 2007


I graded about 100 physics exams yesterday. I have graded 110 physics essays today, with more to come. If it weren't for bbq from Greg and hot chocolate, my brain would be completely mush.

I don't care that the Suns lost today...Steve Nash is the MVP. Nowitski scores EIGHT points in a game 7, whereas Nash is forced to leave a game with blood gushing from his nose after scoring over 30 pts. What a contrast!


carl said...

Steve Gash, er Nash for MVP! If there wasn't a blood rule he wouldn't have left the court.

Judy said...

OOF on the papers. Oof on the bloody nose.

YAY for almost the end!! Soon the three or four weeks of me hating you will commence!! :) But soon enough my time will come.

Dr. Lisa said...

He barely left even with the blood rule...they were doing a decent job of staunching the flow just long enough for the refs to nod their heads, then it would drip all over his shirt.

Don't hate me!