Wednesday, October 10, 2007


The week goes by so quickly. The class schedule at my new college is concentrated Mon-Thurs, so I have three day weekends. Yay! But that also means I have four really hectic workdays. It is all a blur, they go by so fast. In fact, I'm writing this during "free time" - my students are taking an exam. Just thought I take some time to jot some thoughts on my blog:

  • I forgot my watch today. I feel naked and disoriented.
  • Car insurance in CA is waaaaaay more expensive than in AZ.
  • Facebook is very, very weird.
  • I get stranger questions in my astronomy classes here than I did in AZ. I don't know if it's a difference in background, or if my previous students were more shy and didn't pipe up.
  • I'm hungry.
  • It's that time in the semester where the students are infecting us with their germs. Two lab techs and a faculty member taken down so far. Wish me luck.
  • My new students didn't appreciate the Mimas vs. Death Star comparison. I feel old.
  • Since work started, I no longer see the sea as often, but there are some new pics at my Picasa space.

Test is done. Back to work!


SarahP said...

Good luck not getting those germs.

And yes, facebook is weird. I've got mine all set up now, but I'm wondering...what's it for?

Dr. Lisa said...

Facebook is all about Scrabulous, isn't it?

Therrin said...

I miss when facebook was just a way to keep track of people's emails and instant messengers. Now, it's becoming a myspace clone, and I hate it. However, the "facebook random person I was on friendly terms with in high school," effect remains just crazy cool.

Also, great imagery with the virus. I imagine them being taken down by viruses operating like big game hunters. :)

P.S. zrqmoqxy. That's my comment verification word. What the heck is up with that?

Dr. Lisa said...

But just think of how many Scrabulous points that word would earn!

Hmm...Therrin is on Facebook. Must find him and trout-slap him. ;)