Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Short Week

For reasons that aren't entirely clear to me, classes only met on Monday this week. I'm not complaining. With my first day off, I had breakfast with Greg at a coffee house by the sea and chatted briefly with a student there. Then I wrote two quizzes. Got a haircut. Did some grocery shopping at Trader Joes, where I was amused by the number of people FREAKING OUT because they sold out of turkeys yesterday. Corresponded with distant TAs. Corresponded with distant former students. Made dinner. Kind of a mellow day. I feel restless, though. Like there is something I should be doing that I haven't done. Gosh, I hope it isn't important!


Judy said...

And I thought I had it sweet with only Monday and Tuesday. I'm just happy to not have the normally nasty commute tomorrow.

Happy turkey day to you and your favorite turkey!!

Pat. said...

It's even SHORTER now?
I bet it's super cute. Though I miss the olden days. You had such glorious hair!

Happy T Day!

Dr. Lisa said...

Yay to the lack of nasty commutes!

And yes, my hair is a little shorter now. I often ponder growing it back to its length of bygone years. I take it that Pat votes yes?

Happy Thanksgiving!