Saturday, March 22, 2008

Day Off

Today I am not going to do any work, not even open up my work email accounts. Yup, it's my Spring Break, and I think I deserve one totally free day! The week has been both full and fun so far:

  • We drove up to Sacramento to celebrate my sister's birthday (a milestone) and my brother's birthday, too.(Travel tip - take Highway 99 instead of Interstate 5. Many more In-N-Outs.)
  • Quick detour to Oakland to visit Tim, Heather, and sweet baby River.
  • A lovely drive down the Pacific Coast Highway through Big Sur.
  • An impromptu St. Patrick's Day party.
  • Meals with family and friends.

And that's just Friday thru Tuesday! Much beach-walking has since occurred.

Other random bits:

  • Congrats to ASU's men's and women's track teams for winning the NCAA championship. Special congratulations to my former physics student Jacqueline for her third (!) national title.
  • My warm feelings towards my former students almost nullifies my rage at receiving a parking citation from ASU this week... you know, the place I haven't been since July? In a state I haven't lived in nor used my car in since July? Sigh.
  • Titan may have a sub-surface ocean.
  • I mourn the passing of Arthur C. Clarke, the author of the first science fiction I ever read.
  • Congrats to David on the Hugo nomination!
  • Congrats to my Greg on reaching yet more milestones this week!
  • I somehow imagine that test grades would be even better for certain students if they curtailed the mj use. Still, the second round of exams went better than the first round.
  • Why am I talking about grading?!?! It's my day off!

Happy Saturday, everyone!


Sarah Prineas said...

Happy Saturday!

I don't understand. How can they give you a parking citation?

We get them here if we so much as glance at a downtown parking spot, but we have to actually be here to do the glancing...

Dr. Lisa said...

The parking citation is for supposedly not turning in my parking structure access card. Which I did, last July. You'd think they'd be able to tell it hadn't been used. And, of course, they didn't give me a receipt when I returned it. Sigh.