Thursday, April 17, 2008

And so it goes

I had to yell TWICE at a group of students in one of my classes today. I resent having to apply discipline in a college classroom, and getting angry always leaves me unsettled and in a crappy mood. Needless to say, I did not have a good day.

However, when I got home, Greg made a yummy dinner, I baked chocolate chip cookies, and I received an email containing an apology from one of the troublesome students. Not such a bad day after all.


Sarah Prineas said...

The student apologized! Well, that IS good.

Did I tell you about the "Hooter"? Last semester J had 250 students in one class (College Physics, for pre-meds, ugh) and one guy sat in the back and hooted now and then if J said something challenging (like "turn in your homework"). J is a very mild-mannered guy, so he was trying to think of ways to resolve the situation. After he told me about it I was furious! And said I'd come to the class and sit in the back and catch the guy hooting and kick his ass (metaphorically). J declined that offer...

So yeah, anyway, misbehaving students get me riled up, too. Good luck dealing with 'em.

You had lamb kabobs!!

Pat. said...

These are college kids right?

Dr. Lisa said...

Yup, college kids. Spring semester is always the worst, as youthful thoughts turn to thoughts of love or partying or some such.

I've never had a behavior problem in the physics for pre-meds; those kids are so concerned about screwing up their chances of med school! J. had a special case!

And I had special lamb kabobs, indeed. ;)