Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Vacation Day

Woke up this morning at a decent hour, around 9 am. Not too bad for vacation. We went to a bookstore, where we spotted SarahP's book in the wild! The Magic Thief was released today. I've read it, loved it, and heartily recommend it for kids and adults alike. Have food nearby while you read it, trust me.

Then we had a nice lunch, eating grilled mahi tacos at a bar by the beach. To walk off the tasty tacos, we ventured out onto Sunset Cliffs. There's a storm front offshore, so the waves were big and billowy.

Greg was enjoying himself.

Me, too.

We ran some errands. I spent the afternoon drinking hot chocolate and doing sudoku. I exchanged a few emails with a student from this past semester who is thinking of becoming an astronomer. (Bwah ha ha!) Later I decided that I needed a few more things for dinner, so I walked to the grocery store. Here's the view on my walk back home:

Can you tell I like living near the water? And I really like vacation.


Sarah Prineas said...

Aw, thanks for posting about the book!

Sounds like a great day, all around, especially the waves.

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous. Even after I move to Palo Alto it'll take some effort to have a day like that. Enjoy!


Dr. Lisa said...

Good day for all, Sarah!

Bryan, once you're back in CA, you'll be closer to days like that. I'm sure you'll be visiting Santa Cruz! San Francisco, Monterey... you won't have it so rough. ;)