Saturday, November 01, 2008

Just thinking in print

I think the election has been robbing me of my urge to write blog entries. Not that I don't have opinions, because I certainly do, but rather the tenor of the election on both national and local scales has enraged and saddened me to an unprecedented extent. I have managed to do some positive things. I made a few donations. I told my Tuesday night lecture that voting takes priority over class; most of these students are full-time workers so the evening might be their best time to vote. I reminded my students that, as long as they are in line before the polls close, they have the right to vote so they shouldn't leave. I also reminded them that they don't have to vote for every office and proposition, that leaving some decisions blank would not disqualify their ballot. Many students did not know that, by the way. Another instructor found herself explaining the electoral college to her class, because several students thought that the winner was chosen by popular vote. It makes me wonder what other basics the populace does not understand and perhaps that is why this election feeds on ignorance.

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