Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Soup Master

Chicken noodle soup

Beef Noodle soup


Navy Bean and Ham Soup

Irish Lamb Stew...

There's been a lot of cooking going on around here by my very talented Soup Master Greg. It's been wonderful. Although I love cooking, it's been nice to have so many meals ready for me to eat during the rushed end of the semester. I'm glad to be the beneficiary. Tonight's chicken noodle soup was especially good; I'm getting over a cold and if ever there was a healing batch of soup, this was it. Mmm... thanks, dude!


Sarah Prineas said...

That soup looks nrrrrrm!

I hope your cold is better. This is no time to be sick.

Anonymous said...

Yay soup! Yesterday I made clam chowder for dinner and black bean for later. Soup rocks.

What is Frankensoup? Is it soup made with whatever you have left over? If so, I have something similar called "Inevitable Soup" and we eat it quite often.

Yay soup!

Dr. Lisa said...

Sarah: The soup was indeed nrrrrrm. I'm always sick this time of year, but this time I think it's due to being polluted by Vegas last weekend. I'm almost better, thanks to the soup.

K: I'm hoping that Greg will tackle potato soup or clam chowder and perhaps a chili soon. Frankensoup is indeed like inevitable soup, and it was very very tasty and will never be replicated.

Nancy Chenier said...

Wandered over here to wish you a Happy Birthday!


Dr. Lisa said...