Sunday, August 30, 2009

Too close

The Station Fire has come very close to the Mt. Wilson Observatory. Wish luck to the observatory, its people, and the firefighters defending it, please. It's going to be a rough night there.

View from the solar telescope, looking west at 8:00 pm PDT:


PHil. said...

We just drove through Sunland to drop someone off and the fireline really is awe inspiring. We saw dozens of firetrucks (clustered around various fast food restaurants and in grocery store parking lots mostly) but the sheer scope of the fire leaves one heck of an impression.

Apparently they've already lost two firefighters on this one.

Judy said...

A few hours ago I heard on the radio that they were shoring up what they could at Mt. Wilson, were dumping a ton of fire retardant on the area, and were getting their firefighters out as they expected it to be overrun by the fire in 2-3 hours. That should be right about now. I know that they put a LOT of effort into saving the area, clearing brush and everything, even when the fire came through and I hope that they were successful.

Apparently they were able to leave a small crew up there which hopefully was able to reduce loss of structures in the area.

Dr. Lisa said...

The observatory is still there this morning, but the fire is within 0.5 mile. Still in danger.