Sunday, January 31, 2010

Where does the time go?

Let's see, what has happened in the two weeks that I haven't posted a blog entry?

  • Greg's birthday - yay!
  • School started. Classes are overflowing. When a student was begging me to let him into one of my classes, real kneeling-on-the-floor-begging, other students chimed in and pleaded on his behalf till I gave him the add form. Sigh. Too nice.
  • After a year of feeling icky if I purchased anything from Amazon, I'm deleting my account. The fact that Amazon pulled both electronic AND print copies of Macmillan authors late Friday during electronic book negotiations means that, as a corporation, they do not deserve my money nor my respect. I encourage all of you to delete your Amazon accounts and support independent booksellers through Indiebound.
  • Comparing the girls vs. boys rooms in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog means PB will not get my money again, either. As an aside, I know it isn't feasible to boycott every corporation, but when they make themselves so obvious, it becomes more of an obligation.
  • We went to a concert of Bill Conti conducting his Hollywood hits that was just hilarious fun.
  • Without getting into specific comments by students, let's just say that my presence in the classroom has never seemed more necessary. It could be a very interesting semester.
  • We've also been watching Justice League cartoons and reading alot, being just generally cozy.

Hope all is well with you!


Jon Hansen said...

Why have you felt icky buying from Amazon prior to the Recent Unpleasantness?

Dr. Lisa said...

I'd heard about previous similar issues at, and I don't like their self-publishing business. I want to know that the books I buy have been edited and proofed and somehow deemed suitable for publication. Guess it's the peer-review aspect of my upbringing. Punishing authors during this "negotiation" was the last straw. In any case, supporting the indies is preferred.

Jon Hansen said...

Fair enough.

Dr. Cark said...

Girls don't like Star Wars. They like frilly stuff. :)

Dr. Lisa said...

Don't make me have to come back to AZ and beat you up! ;)