Saturday, April 17, 2010

Checking in

Some of the goings-on in April around here so far:

  • A visit from Kirsten and Aaron, including a lovely Easter picnic by the bay - yay!
  • A big Easter earthquake that seemed to go on forever - boo!
  • A new book deal for Greg - yay!
  • A chipped tooth followed by a root canal (to be followed by a crown) - boo!
  • A stash of Cadbury Mini-Eggs that will last longer because of the aforementioned dental work - yay!
  • Several astro students still driving me nuts - boo!
  • Physics students so awesome I wish I could keep them for next year, too - yay! (boo?)
  • And many opportunities to take pretty pictures - yay!

From Spring 2010

From Spring 2010


Jon Hansen said...

So it's a net win! Whoo!

Dr. Lisa said...

Yup! Can't complain too much!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your Simmons-induced traffic explosion.

Dr. Lisa said...

Um, there does appear to have been a lot of hits in the past hour. Whoa!