Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Feeling Better

Mmm...mexican food...the perfect comfort food. Warm, soft, spicy...mmm....

I had warned a few students over email to be wary about attending office hours today, because I'm sick. One of the students showed up to my office with a thermos of hot tea and honey and a mug. That and a dose of DayQuil got me through the day.

I must say I receive much more support and affection from students than I ever would have anticipated. There's been hot tea and thank you cards and flowers and chocolates. There's been Star Wars discussions and magic tricks to cheer me when I'm blue. Visits from former students. Nice emails and hugs. Friendship. If you'd told me before I started teaching how much warmth I'd feel from students, I would have laughed at you. Now I know better, and every day I'm grateful.


Kirsten said...

Your students love you cause you ROCK!!!

Aaron said...

My acting teacher had layringitis (sp?) last class, and everything she said sounded like she was milliseconds away from bursting into tears.

I fed her all my Ricola cough drops that I could.

As it turned out, my scene partner is the one who busted up crying. I blame myself.

Point of this is, teachers show up even when they're dying, and students don't show up to class "unless they feel like it." Well...some students. Not your students. You have good students.

SarahP said...

We have such synchronicity! I was sick this week, too. Croaked my way through class yesterday.

But yeah, students are the best--so full of energy and open to learning. Most of 'em, anyway.

Dr. Lisa said...

I did horrible things with my voice last night - some of the students were having difficulty keeping a straight face! But most showed concern - really sweet.