Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dream come true

I'm sick, which makes me very cranky. I have a sore throat and am achy all over, but at least the low fever is gone. I barely made it through teaching today. During my half hour break between teaching lab and lecture, I went into the office and there it was: the dream cake. Moist chocolate cake, whipped cream frosting... a Halloween gift from one of the publishing reps. I took a tiny piece and ate it with my fingers. I didn't care that I was getting whipped cream all over the place - it was my cake! I did not go back for seconds, but I was so tempted! I am sick, after all, and I am convinced of the curative power of chocolate. Must administer more doses!


AaronJV said...

As your Doctor, I recommend two doses of chocolate a day, lots of rest, and foot massages from Greg until well.

Dr. Lisa said...

Thanks, dude. Greg has made me much medicinal cocoa.