Monday, January 08, 2007


  • Particle physics lecture
  • Judged four grad students
  • Quick hug from Robert as we both rushed to talks
  • Talks on Tunguska, Einstein, dust in galaxies
  • Planetary formation lecture
  • Piroshky Piroshky with Carl
  • Intelligent design talks
  • Hundreds of posters
  • Free cookies
  • Judged four undergrads
  • Talks on covariation in intro physics courses
  • English pub with Carl, Ravi, Seth, Karen, and Greg

Two more days to go. Whew!


Charly said...

wish I was there, have a great time in Seattle

SarahP said...

Wow! Astronomers definitely have more fun.

Carl said...

That is just what we do during the day!

Dr. Lisa said...

Ha! Bad Carl!

I knew you would be jealous, Charly.

I slept through the neutrino astrophysics talk this morning, Sarah, so apparently there is a limit to the amount of fun I can have. :)