Sunday, January 07, 2007


Today was the first full day of the conference. I actually made it to the morning talk; I can wake up for an astronaut - Kathryn Thorton gave us her overview of human spaceflight. I'm also an award judge and I interviewed eight undergrads today (1 male, 7 female).

Along with the AAS meeting, a wedding show was being held at the convention center. If I might be somewhat judgmental, those two demographics have very little overlap.

Who are these other people?

Oh, it's like some astrology convention or something.

My most profound judgment, though, was that the tomato soup and Flagship Grilled Cheese sandwich from Beecher's make a damned fine lunch, and Carl and Ravi agreed.

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AaronJV said...

I love double booked cons. My fave was at the last (LAST) NecromiCon in Providence, RI. BUncha Lovecraft geeks and a wedding.

Bridal party comment overheard from a geek:
Who are all these...ugly people?

Glad you're having fun! Keep doing that!