Sunday, February 04, 2007

Breakfast of Champions

I'm at a coffee house. I have a chocolate croissant and a 16-oz Pepsi. I think I'm ready to write the talk I'm giving on Friday. Woo!


Judy said...

Go go gadget Lisa!

Dr. Lisa said...

Ha! I did get some work done. Now I'm off to buy some chili fixins. It is Super Bowl Sunday, after all. :)

Kirsten said...


(Me, I made nachos and margaritas. In a pitcher, with ice. And I'm looking for Jedi....)

Dr. Lisa said...

Ooohh...nachos are a traditional Super Bowl snack, but Greg is off being a Shao Lin, so no snacks...just a yummy meal when he gets home.

I'm looking for Jedi, too. Of course, given the first play of the game, we may have already seen a Jedi. Doh!