Thursday, February 15, 2007

Stress Relief

I haven't had the time to make a to-do list in three weeks. This is agonizing. I usually prepare very detailed to-do lists every week. Because I teach 1 physics lecture, 3 astronomy lectures and 4 astronomy labs, as well as supervise 3 adjunct faculty and 8 teaching assistants and their 27 combined sections at two different institutions, I have a lot to keep track of. I haven't been able to spare the time it would take on a Monday to write the damned list. For the past three weeks, I've been walking around in a panic that I've forgotten something important. It's only a matter of time. Gotta make that damned list!

But tomorrow afternoon I will forget all that. I have a three-day weekend ahead. I've worked really hard to catch up so that I can spend this weekend with the friends who will be coming into town. I shall eat too much good food in wonderful company, and I will allow myself to least til Tuesday morning.


SarahP said...

Friday! Then weekend! You can do it!

(we don't get Monday off. rats)

Dr. Lisa said...

The community college gets Monday off, but the university doesn't, which is why I do not teach nor schedule offers hours on Mondays there. ;)

Charly said...

that's one busy schedule master!

I hope you get lots of rest this weekend.

Do we have Monday off??

Dr. Lisa said...

Charly, YOU do not get Monday off. Sorry! And I'm getting no rest, but I'm having lots of fun.