Tuesday, December 25, 2007

And some chocolate

Today started off with a breakfast featuring these fresh-baked cinnamon rolls:

(Yes, I'm having a good baking week. )

And then there were many presents. I received chocolate and books and chocolate and a CD and chocolate and clothes and chocolate and kitchen supplies and chocolate and gift cards and chocolate and a necklace and chocolate. Spent the rest of the day watching basketball, cooking dinner, and having a cozy evening with Greg. Just perfect! I hope you had as wonderful and bountiful a holiday as I did.


Anonymous said...

That sounds very similar to my Christmas loot. :-) But our Christmas day was filled with driving rather than cooking.

Pat. said...

Yes, but did you get any chocolate?
I am glad you and yours are having a festive one!
We'll be down to visit you Saturday... by which I mean our ship will be passing by San Diego around 9pm as we sail from Long Beach to Puerto Vallarta.
I'll be watching, so do wave!

Dr. Lisa said...

I hope the driving took you to many happy places, Colleen.

I'll be waving, Pat! Have fun!