Thursday, December 20, 2007


Well, the first semester at my new college is over. The exams, the grading, the paperwork... all done. Some perspectives from the new job:

  • Teaching in the city sounds very different from teaching in the suburbs. Really. In my office, I hear sirens and construction and traffic all day long.
  • The leaves turn pretty colors here. There weren't any leaves at the previous campus, unless you count cactus spines.
  • The new colleagues are nice.
  • The administration here seems more "student-centered" than "administration-centered" to the point where I've seen deans help students with minor paperwork and the president fetch a piece of needed equipment. Nice change.
  • Community college faculty and staff everywhere seem devoted to helping students get through the semester. Deaths in the family, work schedule changes, losing jobs, children getting sick... students have so much going on in their lives, and there is a whole structure here to support them. There are campus health services, as well as mental health services, provided. The trick is getting the students the help they need.
  • We'll see how the trend emerges in subsequent semesters, but the students at my previous school seemed more scientifically literate than here. And that's a horrifying thought.
  • Love my new students, though.
  • The weather is better. ;)

Now to do my Christmas shopping for Greg! Let's see... what to get him... hmm?


Greg van Eekhout said...

Congrats on finishing your first semester! You are brilliant and triumphant!


SarahP said...

Yay on being done!

For Greg. Let's see.

Maybe a robot.

Or a squid.

Or some sort of kung fu equipment.

Or coffee?

Or a bo-staff wielding robot coffee-drinking squid!

Dr. Lisa said...

Hmmm... so far I've bought him a lump of coal, broccoli, and DECAF!


Mike Jasper said...

Happy Birthday, Dr. Lisa!!!

Dr. Lisa said...

Thanks, Mike! Happy Holidays to you and your family!