Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Numbers

I woke up at 9:33 am. I ate four chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. This is Day One of summer vacation.

The commencement ceremony was last night. Last year, I had a discussion with a friend about community college students. From his experience with friends who have attended community colleges, his perception of the typical student was, um, slackers who didn't really have a focus in life. Whereas that does represent some community college students (and more than a few university students, I might add), I thought it would be interesting to share some of the statistics of those graduating this semester at my institution. There is a bias here, as many students never file for graduation but rather just transfer, but the statistics are not atypical for the general population of students.

Youngest graduate = 17 years old

Oldest graduate = 61 years old

Percentage of associates degrees awarded to females = 60%

Age group with the most students graduating = 35+,

Average age of graduates = 29

Number of students who stand when asked who is the first in their family to be awarded a college degree = over 50%

Number of photos taken by a fellow faculty member of a young student who had no family members present because they do not believe that females need an education = as many as could fill up the memory card to document this amazing accomplishment

Plus one hug from a very happy student for this very content professor


PHil. said...

You go, Professor Girl! And your students, too.

Rachel said...

How very cool. Congrats to all!

Dr. Lisa said...

Yeah, congrats to the students. Many of them have so many more obstacles to getting an education than I did. I have nothing but respect for them.