Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Should I be flattered?

Before an astronomy class today, one of my students told me that I seemed smarter than his other instructors and that he thought I should be doing research instead of teaching at a community college. He asked why I was an instructor. I told him the truth, because I enjoy teaching, specifically at the community college. He seemed confused by the notion of someone actually liking to teach, which saddens me with regards to his K-12 education.


Anonymous said...

Those who can't do... should get the hell out of teaching.

Pat. said...

I can imagine that guy at home by his front curb saying to the garbage man "I'm so sad you want to take care of my trash. Oh, and here's another big stinky bag of it."

Dr. Lisa said...

Sometimes I wonder what the expression is on my face during these conversations.