Sunday, September 28, 2008

Social... me?

The past two weekends have been rather social. Last weekend, Carl came to visit. He'd never spent much time in California, so I enjoyed introducing him to cheap Mexican seafood and izakaya food. We also designed a history of physics course while eating sandwiches on the beach. Hope you had a good time, dude!

This weekend, Greg was a guest at Conjecture, and I tagged along. Greg does a great job on panels, although I might be a wee bit biased. The people were friendly, and we had a nice lunch with Zak, Sharon, and Dave. All-in-all, it's been a fun two weekends.

Alas, Monday, you come too soon.


Dr. Cark said...

I sure did have fun! Someday soon I hope to tell the world about it. Can we vote on a weekend bailout package and give ourselves an extra day off?

Dr. Lisa said...

Oh, please, more days off!