Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Science-y Stuff

Nothing really coherent to write about today, just a few tidbits for your amusement:

I always enjoy starting the semester with the good ol’ “The Sun wasn’t really IN that constellation on the day you were born so why do you keep looking it up in the newspaper”-discussion. Even a previously quiet class, like my daytime astro lecture, comes to life. Whew.

Jennifer Ouellette at Cocktail Party Physics does a thorough job reviewing the science policies of both major presidential candidates. I recommend y’all read it.

Physics Today is doing election coverage as well. Go read!

I have been remiss in my pretty astronomy image duties, so here are a few.

The Moon transits the Earth, from Deep Impact and Astronomy Picture of the Day:

Gravity works - Tiny moon Prometheus and Saturn’s F ring, from Cassini:


Alice said...

Lisa, next time I get invited to a cocktail party physics cocktail party, I'll let you know. They're quite a trip!

Dr. Lisa said...

Ooh.. envious! Hope you're enjoying Pasadena!