Saturday, August 30, 2008


Greg and I took a free bay cruise, courtesy of the Port of San Diego. These tours were established to give San Diegans a better idea of what is happening along the extensive waterfront. As Greg and I have only been in San Diego a year, this was also a great way for us to get familiar with the Bay and learn more about the history of the city. We also enjoyed being out on the water... I don't understand the people who were sitting inside! Here are a few pics:

The USS Midway and the San Diego skyline

I can see these shipyards from work

Nautical Greg

The bridge to Coronado

Back to port


Colleen said...

"Nautical Greg" reminds me of the scene in Joe Versus the Volcano where Tom Hanks is dancing on the makeshift raft to "Come and Go with Me." :-)

Dr. Cark said...

That is not a nuclear wessel. Keep looking!

Dr. Lisa said...

Nautical Greg amuses me. From day to day, I never know what to expect.

We went by the USS Nimitz, which is a nuclear wessel, but my pictures didn't turn out well. Sorry, dude!