Monday, August 25, 2008

One day down

Today was the first day of the Fall semester. Enrollments are high. I even have wait-listed students for my night-time class. My physics lab today was standing room only. It's going to be a busy semester. It's also a semester in which I'm teaching a class (intro astronomy) that I took as a student 20 years ago. Whoa! It's fun to mention that to the students, because a lot has changed in those intervening years. Still makes me feel old, though!


Dr. Cark said...

I hope you can find room for all the kiddies. Enjoy day number 2!

Dr. Lisa said...

Day number two will be long. I do physically have room for the wait-listed kids in my night-time class. The other classrooms are already a tight fit, though.

Good luck to you!