Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I didn't have very good energy on Monday. I was dragging, the students were lethargic... just not a good combo. Last night, after my three-hour astro lecture, a student came up to me and told me that I had amazing amounts of energy. He thanked me and told me how important it was for the evening students to have enthusiastic instructors. With his words, this semester is looking up. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy my evening classes?


Brian Krauss said...

hey dr. will, i'm into my senior year at ASU, and my teacher for sustainability and development is weirding me out, because he acts exactly like you did in class. Even down to the way he paces his speech and mannerisms. It's quite odd. but, alas, he's not nearly as engaging of a teacher as you were. And I hope life is going swimmingly for you over in California-land.

Dr. Lisa said...

Brian! It's great to hear from you. Life is good here by the sea. I hope all is well there for you. Good luck at ASU this year, even with the weird prof acting like me. ;) Keep in touch!