Thursday, August 07, 2008

On the road

Full disclosure - I'm allowing this entry to satisfy my 15 minutes/day of writing requirement. Hey, I'm on vacation!

Let’s see, what have I been doing the past few days?

  • Drove away from a warm, humid San Diego en route to World Con with Greg.
  • Arrived in blazing hot (107 degrees) Tempe.
  • Had lunch with my dear Carl at much beloved Four Peaks Brewery! Also hung out with Bob!
  • Realized that it’s not the heat, it’s the temperature in the interior of the car. The past week in San Diego has been muggy, and the humidity was really getting to me. I was actually functioning better in the drier 107 degree heat in Tempe, until I had to get into the car. Even guzzling water, I was sweating so much that my fingers were pruning up. San Diego wins.
  • Drove up to cool, serene Flagstaff amid a lush green Central Arizona.
  • Had dinner with Greg at much beloved Beaver Street Brewery!
  • Had granola and blueberries at much beloved Macy’s Coffeehouse!
  • Drove across a stunningly beautiful Northern Arizona and New Mexico. Seriously, I’ve done this drive frequently, and the desert has never been so verdant and spectacular. No pics, but the images could not have captured the beauty in any case.
  • Spent the evening in Santa Fe eating yummy spicy much missed New Mexican cuisine.

Tomorrow? On to World Con!


Sarah Prineas said...

Greg posted about that drive, too. Sounds gorgeous!

You ain't seen humid 'til you've seen Iowa in August. Awful. It was so humid here that at work they had to shut the a/c down because the dew point wasn't low enough. Ugh!

Happy travels!

Dr. Cark said...

Thanks for meeting me at Four Peaks and letting me steal your leftovers!

Try to behave at World Con!

Dr. Lisa said...

I was in Iowa City last June, and it almost killed me. I spent a lot of time in the great hotel you rec'd, Sarah! I hope the humidity abates soon!

I'm trying to behave, but we'll see!

Bryan said...

I spent a night in Phoenix the other night on my way out to California. It was brutally hot, and I was coming from Texas which is having the hottest summer in decades. I bet it was beautiful up north, though.

Dr. Lisa said...

I'm glad you survived Phoenix, dude! And it really was lovely up north. I'm interested in seeing if it's still so green on the way back.

Welcome back to California!