Friday, November 06, 2009

Little ups

I am a content person. I don't experience many lows, but neither do I experience many highs. My emotional state is mellow, almost all of the time. So I was caught off guard on Wednesday when I had an unusually giddy day. Why? Because I treated myself to a hot chocolate after getting out of bed early to run an errand, and my drink was served in this:

Yes, I was rendered completely happily silly by a Starbucks holiday cup. Plus it was foggy! And I was wearing a stripey sweater! I guess it's good that I'm so easily amused. Methinks I'll have to enjoy many red cups of happiness this season.

Another thing that makes me happy - getting the Sports Guy's autograph tonight. I'm looking forward to reading The Book of Basketball!


colleency said...

yay for giddy happy!

Ray said...

Be careful not to hurt yourself lifting Simmons' latest! It's on my holiday reading list - I'm eager to hear what you think!

Dr. Lisa said...

Still lovin' the red cups!

I'll be reading my copy of Simmons' book over the Thanksgiving break. I'll have to post a review!