Monday, November 02, 2009

Taste of Youth

I spent the past weekend visiting with family in Sacramento. I had a good time hanging out with the folks, but they TIRED me out! My voice is still rough from all the yelling to be heard over the familial cacophony. Still, even though I need a weekend to recover from my weekend, it was good to go home. I don't go home enough, as my mother is sure to tell you. ;)

One of the highlights of my trip home was indulging in my first Lou's jumbo cheeseburger in over two decades. The place has been there for about 50 years, and it was a favorite family treat. I grew up only a few blocks away. A few months ago, I was overcome by a huge craving for this burger of my youth, the one my mother would bring me to tempt me to eat while I was sick.

The place looked the same:

It smelled the same. It tasted the same.

It's been too long. I'll be back soon.


Dr. Cark said...

Looks like you can get radiator work done while chowing down a burger.

Dr. Lisa said...

That lower sign refers to the business behind the burger shack. My dad would take the lawn mower back there to get it repaired. :)