Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Fun with Students

I'm in lab currently, watching my students do a kinesthetic exercise. They are the Earth, a light in the center of the room is the Sun, and they each have a Styrofoam ball representing the Moon. They are rotating and moving the ball to mimic the phases of the Moon.

They are also paranoid that, because I have my computer in the room with me, I'm webcasting their antics. Now that they've mentioned it, I think it's a great idea. Hmm...

For those of you keeping track, one student has a Tad Williams novel with him and another has a David Drake book with her.

Update: Another student is reading I, Robot by Asimov. Out of the nineteen students in lab today, at least three are reading SF in their time between classes.


David Moles said...

Nice to see gender stereotypes being overturned. (Even if I can't really recommend that David Drake be read by anybody, of whatever gender.)

Dr. Lisa said...

The student reading Asimov was also a female. Woo-hoo for flaunting stereotypes!