Saturday, September 17, 2005

Slight Change in Plans

I woke up to news that NIN's drummer had to stop the show last night in San Diego and be hospitalized with heart problems. That meant that the show tonight in Tucson, which I merrily had tickets for, was cancelled. However, the hotel was booked and good mexican food restaurants had been scouted out, so Greg and I drove to Tucson, where I now type this at a pleasant little coffeehouse with WiFi.

We hadn't been to Tucson in years - it's so much bigger now! Every chain store the average American demands populates the 'burbs. Still an ugly city, but we had sublime mexican food (Cafe Poca Cosa), and later we'll head to Bookman's and the Frog and Firkin. A very nice way to spend the day, all in all.


Anonymous said...

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Aaron said...


Lisa can get her penis enlarged.

Sorry about missing NIN, but you'll see them soon in La La Land! (hopefully)

PS-The harvest moons was bitchin' tonight. K says that in the future, the moon will present only one face to Earth, AND only on one side of the Earth. Do we know which side that will be?

Dr. Lisa said...

My penis does not need enlarging, but that spam annoys me less than the "college diploma for free" crap I get all the time.

Greg took good care of me and made sure that I still had fun yesterday, despite the cancellation. And the concert for tomorrow here in Phoenix is still on. Oh, you didn't think I only had tix for Tucson and L.A., did you? :)

Currently the moon shows only one face to the Earth - the "near" side. We didn't know what the farside looked like until the first unmanned spacecraft reached the moon (about 50 years ago). That's also why many of the farside craters have Russian names. In the future, the moon will be about 40% farther from the Earth than it is now and will be locked above one location above the Earth. Don't know what that location will be yet, and we still have a few billion years before we'll see this happen.

Dr. Lisa said...

For all interested parties, the first images of the farside were from the Soviet Luna 3 spacecraft in October of 1959.

SarahP said...

Ah, you made me miss Tucson.


Dr. Lisa said...

I must admit, Tucson is kind of a pit, but it has about 24 hours worth of charm. :)

SarahP said...

Yeah, that's about right. I lived there for six years. The memory of the Speedway and Campbell intersection haunts me still.

Jackie M. said...

Tucson is a lovely, lovely ugly city! (Just like Cleveland. Ah, Cleveland...)

Dr. Lisa said...

My goal is to go to Cleveland one day and exhibit all the behaviors that I forbid myself in daily life. I'd be uninhibited because I know I would never be returning!