Monday, October 10, 2005

Cozying Up

Spent a big chunk of my weekend cozying up to The Complete Calvin and Hobbes. It is beautiful. All of the strips are produced larger than they were originally and on high quality paper. The color is gorgeous. The books themselves are huge, but you get the sense of reading an important tome while flipping through the pages.

I remember reading the first strip in the newspaper, after my brother pointed it out to me. I was immediately hooked. Calvin and Hobbes has helped me through many rough days, and I typically reread the entire collection once each year. I was ready for this new edition, and I'm enjoying it very much.


David Moles said...

Oh, so now that I've finally acquired all but two volumes, they come out with a complete edition? Bastards!

Dr. Lisa said...

It's so pretty, though, David. So much more lovely than the other collections. You know you want it!