Friday, October 28, 2005

New Things

Wow, time flies. I can't believe it's Friday already, although I'm grateful.

This week flew by in part because last weekend was full of fun. Greg and I joined Kirsten, Aaron and two other couples for a trip to Catalina Island to celebrate Kirsten's birthday. This was my first trip to Catalina, and it was wonderful. The trip involved eating seafood, seeing dolphins, and dancing all night! It was so much fun. And many congrats to Kirsten's sister and her new fiance!

Heard a new one this week. I received a message from a parent saying that her son, one of my students, had suffered memory loss in a pole vault accident and that he wouldn't be in class the rest of the week. Here's to hoping he recovers quickly!

Another new thing - word verification for comments. Hopefully it isn't too annoying for my gentle readers and commenters.


Michael van Eekhout said...

Really? Your first time to Catalina? Vicki and I got our marriage license there. It was a great excuse to cross to the island. I love that place!

Oh, Mom and Dad were thrilled to see you guys!

SarahP said...

I had a student with appendicitis last week, and have another with mono. It's that time of the semester!

Dr. Lisa said...

Mike - I definitely want to return to Catalina to go hiking and stay longer for a few hours.

Sarah - poor students! My pole-vaulting student wasn't in class yesterday, so I hope he's alright.