Sunday, June 11, 2006

Big Thoughts

There was a news story this week about Wendy's renaming their "Biggie" and "Great Biggie" sizes because the names confused the customers. So "Great Biggie" will now be "large" and "Biggie" will be called "medium". The previous "medium" will now be the "small", and they have eliminated what was once their "small" option. The portion sizes aren't changing, just the names. This reminded me of my attempts to get small sodas on my road trip. I like the caffeine, sugar, and ease of use of fountain soda while I'm driving. However, I don't want half a gallon of soda. I always get the smallest size, but depending on the gas station/convenience store, this smallest size varies greatly. Two years ago, on my first long solo road trip, I was able to get 16 oz. Last year, those were harder to find, and in many cases even when I could find the cups, the stores were no longer stocking the lids. I found myself using coffee lids frequently. This year, I didn't find a single 16 oz option, located few 20 oz (in once case, the store had permanently blocked the bin for these cups) and usually found myself just not filling up a 24 oz cup all the way. At one store, the clerk took a long time ringing me up, because he'd never had to use the code for the smallest soda size before.

I never did give into my craving for Fritos (only three ingredients - corn, oil, salt), because the small bags I found contained four servings.


David Moles said...

In Swiss McDonald'ses, "regular" is "small" and "large" is "medium". I don't know if there even is a "large", but it would probably require special equipment.

Kirsten said...

I think they should be labeled by the number of bathroom visits you require to get rid of all that liquid. "May I have a two-pee-sized Coca Cola, please?"

Dr. Lisa said...


David, do they still sell the small fries in the teeny white envelope? The last time I tried to order fries at a McDonald's, they no longer had the small fries listed as an option on the menu. Oh, they still gave it to me, but it cost more than the medium. Grr!

Carl said...

I was appalled when I first saw people walking around with 64 oz. soda drums...I mean cups.

Supersize me!

Dr. Lisa said...

I know! At least it works their biceps.