Friday, June 30, 2006

Winging it

Kind of a strange week for me. Despite being on vacation, I discovered that I feel better if I get to the gym at 5:30 am than if I sleep in and get there at 9:00 am. Um, why am I getting up so early during my summer vacation? I've turned into a morning person as well as a night person? Sleep is for the weak! But...but...I like to sleep. Gah!

I'm at the airport, waiting to board a plane for Vancouver. I've gathered peanut M&Ms, water, and sudoku puzzles. Ready to go! (Especially since there is some right-wing whack job on the TV.) Have a great weekend everyone!


Kirsten said...

Of course, getting up at 5:30 isn't unreasonable, given that you live on the surface of the sun. Siesta!!

Have a great trip!!!!

Dr. Lisa said...

Oooh...I like a siesta.

Vancouver is beautiful.