Friday, June 23, 2006

Tell me where to go

I want to plan another trip during this summer vacation of mine. I just haven't decided where to go yet. There's also the additional snag of work obligations, so the trip will most likely have to be short pending meeting schedules. Here are some of my ideas so far:

  • Convince Greg to quit his job and take a long trip with me. (My favorite idea by the way)
  • Drive to the Central or Lost Coast of California. Can't do that often enough.
  • Find a nice spot on the Atlantic Coast to visit, as I've never seen the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Go back to D.C. and hit all of the museums that I didn't get to in January. (And go back to some I did see. Meteorites! Spaceships!)
  • I've never been to Boston, and I could go see a game at Fenway.

Any ideas? Suggestions?


Judy said...

You have many good ideas there. Since you live in dry and hot, you might consider weather. East coast will be hot and muggy, but Boston is a wonderful city, much to see and so much history there too.

CA coast will be much more temperate and naturally beautiful.

If you want to drive WAY north, the Adlers will be in Banff, Alberta for a week smack in the middle of summer. :) We were going for cool temps and natural beauty and the Canadian Rockies sound perfect.

essentialsaltes said...

Yellowstone. Yosemite.
If you haven't done them, do them.

Yellowstone memories live in my blog, while Yosemite lives in my heart.

Dr. Lisa said...

Judy, anything less than 110 degrees is an improvement at this point, but I do heed the "muggy" warning. Have fun in Banff! My friend Eric just returned from there, and his pictures showed how lovely the place is.

Mike, now I'm quivering at the thought of the Yellowstone supercaldera. Hmm... great suggestions. Haven't been to Yosemite since I was a wee lass. Never been to Yellowstone. Hmm..

Charly said...

You should come here. The reasons are two-fold:

1) See me
2) See Nine Inch Nails

How better can it get??? (ok, ok, I will throw in a couple of chocolates and pretty astronomy pics).

David Moles said...


Dr. Lisa said...

Charly - NIN was last night. Trust me, I'm obsessed enough that if the tour was going on until late July, that's how I'd plan my trip. If I do end up in Boston, I'll hunt ya down.

David - Switzerland is tempting. I'd love to see you! But it might violate my "short trip" constraint.

Michael van Eekhout said...

If you want to see the Atlantic ... grab Greg and visit us in Maine. Oh and we're only two hours from Boston ... many birds with one tiny stone.

Dr. Lisa said...

Mike: I'd love to grab Greg and visit y'all in Maine, but he just won't quit his job and has no vacation time! :(

I'm currently leaning towards the Central California coast - what I save in airfare I can use to splurge on hotels in good locations. Hmm...

Anonymous said...

DC's hot in summer. So's Boston -- but then you could go to Cape Cod after the baseball game and see the Atlantic. And if you're okay with the high density of drag queens in P-town, I can highly recommend going up to the tip of the cape, renting a bike, and pedaling around the dunes. Two birds, one plane trip!

ps. I applaud Greg's alarmed reaction to the statistic that "global warming is accepted in 100% of science articles but only 52% of popular media articles." You've indoctrinated him very well! I mean, trained him very well. I mean, um.

Jackie M. said...

Oops, that was me.

Greg van Eekhout said...

Yeah, but I take credit for my belief in Bigfoot all to myself.

RandBot said...

Another self-serving vote for Boston! Although, really, you'd want to go lots of places -- one of the advantages of a West Coaster traveling to New England is that interesting destinations are WAY closer together than you're used to. Six hours of driving time will get you from Portland ME, past Boston, Providence, Mystic RI and right into NYC. Beats the heck out of driving I-5.

If not this summer, please come out sometime soon. We'd love to have you!

Dr. Lisa said...

Next summer, I might just take you up on your offer, Randy. This summer will see me take a quick trip to the CA coast inbetween work-related meetings. I'd love to see you all, though!