Monday, March 12, 2007


We had a good weekend in Los Angeles. We spent some time down at the beach with the folks. We attended a friend's 40th birthday bash. We managed to grab some time with Kirsten and Aaron and ran into a bunch of friends experiencing the Pinkberry phenomenon. (Hi, Riz!)

I also indulged in a lot of pub food this weekend.

  • Friday - Irish pub - potato chowder
  • Saturday - British pub - Cornish pasty and chips
  • Sunday - German Tavern - sausage and spaetzle

Tasty fare, all, but if I hadn't eaten chorizo and eggs on Sunday morning, I'd be insane. I mean, really, how many days can I go without spicy food and tortillas? None of you want me to find out.

Now I'm back home, where there is plenty of work to be done over the rest of Spring Break, but I'm aiming for plenty of play, too.


RizwanK said...

Yay, I got a mention! Was nice seeing you two =)

I'm considering befriending a wealthy billionare so that they could form a university so you could return to LA and teach physics there. I'll keep you posted on the plan.

Which of the pubs was your favorite?

Dr. Lisa said...

Ah, you just need to prod the schools already there into doing more hiring!

For ambience, the German tavern was the best. For food, I enjoyed the cornish pasty at the British pub (Ye Olde King's Head) the most.

AaronJV said...

"Let that ill-gotten mug be forever on his head!"

PS-The Red Lion is where I get toasty before going to Dodger games and where the softball crowd, namely Lou and his/my friend the manager (who gives away beer mugs to my out-of-state friends and not me) hang out.

food lover said...

We cruised through LA and did the Pinkberry thing and it was a treat. Then we passed through Vancouver and got our fix at a place up there called Yogen Fruz. Wow. Similar to Pinkberry but a much tastier flavor. I had to ask the Yogen Fruz yogurtista how long they've been swirling froyo and she said Yogen Fruz stores have been in Canada for a couple of decades. Who knew?

Dr. Lisa said...

Food Lover - I remember when the frozen yogurt craze what huge in L.A in the late 80s/early 90s. Then it just faded away. Pinkberry isn't my favorite, but it did have a distinct flavor and great toppings.

Don't curse the mug, Aaron - it's in my apartment!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Yogen Fruz fanatic! I actually am so addicted to frozen yogurt that I tried PinkB in LA just to get my fix in but it is no comparison to Yogen Fruz!