Saturday, April 28, 2007

It's that time

Just writing my to-do list here. Move along, move along.

  • write 1 physics final
  • write 3 astronomy lecture finals
  • write 5 astronomy lab finals
  • write 2 astronomy lab quizzes
  • grade astronomy papers
  • grade physics papers

That should keep me busy for the next few hours. Whee!


Dr. Lisa said...

Physics final - done
astronomy lab finals - done
two astronomy quizzes - done
astronomy papers - started


carl said...

Good job, Dr. Lisa!

Dr. Lisa said...

Thanks, dude. Good luck to you!

SarahP said...

Ow. It really is that time of the year. Mine time's taken up not with tests and grading this semester, but with awards ceremonies and banquets. Snore!

Good luck with yours!!

Dr. Lisa said...

Thanks, Sarah! Good luck surviving the end of your semester, too!